Hello, I own a tree service and I’m looking for a place to dump a lot of wood and/or wood chips on Madison’s west side, Madison and Surrounding Areas. Anywhere in Dane County would be good for a possible dump site. Anywhere outside of Dane County will be too far for us to travel. Let me know if you have an area to dump a lot of wood chips and/or wood. The best location to dump wood/wood chips would be closer to West Mineral Point Road. We would only dump loads of wood/wood chips at your site when we are working in that area.

This is only for sites that can handle at least 10 loads of wood chips and/or wood only. DO NOT call if you cannot handle at least 10 loads of wood chips and/or wood per year. Each load would be anywhere from 5 to 10 yards each. You will only be added to the map if you can take on 10 loads a year. You will not be able to cancel after a few loads. We will dump 10 loads no matter what once you sign up with us, no exceptions!!!!! DO NOT CALL IF YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO DUMP ONE LOAD AND THEN TAKE YOU OFF OUR MAP.

The wood will be from medium to very large in size and all types from pine, maple, locust, oak, cedar, walnut and other types of wood. Most of the wood is from maple trees though. The wood dump site must be able to take any size and any type of wood. We will not separate the wood beforehand, and we will not be able to stack the wood either.

Phone: 608-347-8510