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Tree receiving deep root fertilization treatment

A lush, healthy landscape will keep your home or business looking picturesque. However, no matter how much maintenance you put in, your plants can’t thrive without nutrient-dense soil. Routine fertilization ensures your trees and plants have the resources they need to stay strong through even the toughest seasons.

For quality fertilization services, look no further than Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists! Our trained arborists will handle every detail from choosing the right formula to administering the treatment. That way, you can enjoy a gorgeous yard all year long.

Signs Your Soil Needs Fertilization

Inadequate nutrient supply in the soil may lead to weak trees that are vulnerable to disease. To promote robust and healthy tree growth, it is crucial to address the nutrient deficiency through fertilization at the earliest. To determine if your soil requires fertilization treatment, watch out for these signs of poor soil quality:

  • Stunted tree growth
  • Lack of buds or leaves
  • Premature leaf loss
  • Yellowed or wilting leaves
  • Dead spots on leaves

Soil Care for Homes, Businesses, and More

Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists has proudly served homeowners, commercial property owners, and municipalities throughout the Madison, WI area since 1985. No matter how large or small your yard is, we can enhance the soil quality to ensure your trees and plants are in the best condition possible. Our team has years of experience with local environmental conditions, so they can help you find the right blend and fertilization routine for your plants and soil needs. To take your landscape to the next level with nutrient-rich soil, get in touch with us today!

Soil Fertilization FAQs

Although it may seem simple enough to purchase a standard plant fertilizer and distribute it around your landscape, soil health is a little more complicated than that. The wrong formula or quantity may be ineffective, or it could scorch your plants and cause long-lasting damage. For the best results, consult a plant care expert who can help you select and apply the right treatment for your landscape and goals.

Many of us view trees as extremely sturdy plants that require minimal attention once they’re fully matured. However, trees also require ongoing soil care. Low-quality soil can leave them vulnerable to disease, pests, and a whole host of other problems.

Fertilizing your trees is a great way to encourage robust growth, strong branches that can withstand harsh weather, and beautiful foliage. If your trees are not looking or growing the way they should, it may be helpful to invest in a fertilization treatment that will supply them with vital nutrients.

Fertilizing the soil every 2-3 years is typically ideal for mature trees. However, young trees that are still in their rapid growth stage may require more frequent fertilization treatments. By analyzing your distinct environmental elements, a professional can help you identify the most effective routine that will yield optimal results for your trees.

Most lawns benefit from two fertilization treatments per year – once at the beginning of spring, and once at the end of summer. Similar to trees, applying fertilizer in the spring can help bring the grass out of dormancy and into rapid growth. However, particularly with how harsh winters are here in Wisconsin, an additional treatment before the beginning of fall can add an extra boost of nutrients to keep your lawn healthy through the cold season.

To ensure the best results for your lawn, we recommend seeking guidance from a plant health expert. A professional can help determine the best timing and fertilizer blend for your lawn type and needs.

Fertilizer treatments are most effective in the spring or early summer. This period marks the end of tree dormancy and the beginning of active growth, which makes it the perfect time to supply nutrients that foster healthy development. Moreover, the soil is typically soft and moist during this time, enhancing the absorption of the fertilizer treatment into the root system.

Deep Root Fertilization Treatments in Madison, WI

If you’re looking to give your trees and shrubs some love and attention with top-notch soil care services, you can always count on the tree experts at Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists. Our team of certified arborists is passionate about creating healthy and thriving landscapes, and we use only the best-quality, nutrient-rich fertilizer treatments to achieve that goal. We’ll take a close look at your landscape to understand your trees’ specific needs, and then we’ll create a personalized soil care plan tailored just for them. With our exceptional soil fertilization services, you’ll notice a remarkable improvement in the overall health and beauty of your trees. Give us a call today to get your free quote!

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