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Public Tree Inspections

Serving the Greater Madison, WI area and Dane County

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You care about the trees on your property, and when they’re diseased and damaged they can detract from the aesthetics of your property. More than that, however, damaged trees pose a potential safety hazard – and can be especially dangerous in areas with heavy public foot traffic. In any case, regular tree inspections are crucial to screen for potential problems early on. And when you seek tree inspections from the team at Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists, you get the insight and experience of a highly-skilled team and the promise of a thriving, safe landscape.

When Should I Get a Public Tree Inspection?

To ensure the safety of public-facing property, we recommend having your tree inspected at least once every 3 years. If you have recently purchased a new property, experienced severe weather conditions, or have concerns about the tree’s health, it’s best to contact an arborist as soon as possible. Some indications that your tree requires professional attention include:

For reliable tree inspection services, Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists offers the expertise of ISA-certified arborists who conduct thorough inspections to identify and address any health issues that may cause harm. Whether you want to keep your landscape in top condition or suspect that your tree is unhealthy, our team provides exceptional services to keep your property safe and beautiful.

Public Tree Care FAQs

If you are a municipality or public entity, you have a legal responsibility to maintain the trees on your property in a safe and responsible manner. If you fail to do so and something – or someone – gets damaged, then you may be liable. Even if the tree is not necessarily your responsibility to maintain, if it could hurt your property it’s worth calling us to see what we can do

Public tree maintenance differs from property to property, but some of the main services we may suggest could include:

  • Trimming, pruning or removal
  • Pest and disease control
  • Invasive plant removal
  • Soil fertilization or aeration
  • Utility line clearance

In the event of storm damage to your tree, don’t hesitate to contact us for emergency tree services. Our skilled arborists can assist with a wide range of tasks, such as debris removal, branch cleanup, pruning, and bracing.

It’s important to note that if there’s a fire, downed electrical wire, or personal injury, you should call 911 right away. Your local emergency responders are best equipped to handle such situations and provide necessary medical attention.

ISA-Certified Arborists in Madison, WI

Public tree inspections can help maintain the health, safety, and vitality of our community trees for future generations. [Company] offers a comprehensive range of arboricultural services, including risk assessments, long-term care, and maintenance. With 38 years of experience serving the Madison, WI area, our team has extensive knowledge of tree maintenance requirements and local regulations. Our certified arborists possess the necessary expertise and equipment to deliver dependable outcomes that promote the beauty, health, and strength of your public trees. To receive top-quality maintenance services for your public tree, contact Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists today!

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