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Tree Planting

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Tree Planting & Transplanting
The right trees in the right places can upgrade your property with shade, privacy, and beauty. Whether you want to add new trees to your landscape or shift existing ones around to different areas, the experts at Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists can bring your vision to reality. Our team of ISA-certified arborists have years of experience serving the greater Greater Verona, WI area, so they know how to help with everything from selecting the right species for our climate to providing saplings with what they need to grow strong and sturdy. For tree planting and transplanting services with stunning results, give us a call today!
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How to Choose the Best Trees for Your Yard

Trees come in such a broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes. However, appearance is only one aspect to think about when selecting new trees for your property. To create a gorgeous and hardy landscape, consider these factors when choosing trees for your space:
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Best Types of Trees for Greater Verona, WI Landscapes

Here in Wisconsin, maple and ash trees make up nearly 40% of our urban forest. However, there are several other types of trees that can thrive in our area and survive even our harshest or snowiest winters. Some of the best trees for Greater Verona, WI properties include:

  • Ginkgo: Known for its long lifespan and resistance to insects or disease problems, ginkgo trees are extremely hardy and picturesque trees that thrive in our area.
  • European Beech: Though these trees grow slowly, they can reach a stunning height of 75 feet. They can produce edible nuts and have a very attractive branch pattern.
  • Serviceberry: As a native plant to Wisconsin, serviceberry trees are a great choice for locals. They are small and deciduous, turning a rich yellow or orange each fall.
  • Concolor Fir: With soft blue-green foliage that shines all year long, concolor firs are a wonderful choice. They thrive in well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade areas.
  • Linden: Reaching a height of up to 50 feet, these trees offer dense foliage and thrive in a variety of soil types. They grow quickly and prefer areas with full sun or partial shade.

Tree Transplanting Services

Have a tree that you love, but it’s in the wrong spot? Our experts can help relocate it for you. We offer quality tree transplanting services that preserve the long-term health and beauty of your plant. Our ISA-certified arborists use the best tools and techniques in the industry to carefully extract and replant the tree without damaging the root system or disrupting your property. Backed by years of local experience, we can also provide advice on where to transplant the tree for optimal results. To learn more about our process or get started, give us a call today!

Your Local Tree Planting and Transplanting Experts

If you want to upgrade your landscape with healthy and properly-placed trees, call the professionals at Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists! We proudly offer tree planting and transplanting services for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities throughout the Greater Verona, WI area. Backed by extensive training and years of local experience, our ISA-certified arborists have the equipment and expertise to deliver long-lasting results that you can enjoy for years to come. Ready to get started? Just contact us today to get your free quote!
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Tree Planting in the Greater Madison, WI area and Dane County

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