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Professional Tree Cutting Service

Trees enhance the beauty of your property, increase its value, and provide shade on hot summer days. But in order for your landscape to remain healthy and beautiful, sometimes it’s necessary to remove damaged or structurally unsound trees.

At Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists, our experienced professionals have the knowledge and tools to remove damaged, diseased, or unwanted trees with minimal disruption to your property and maximum long-term value. As a trusted provider of expert tree removal and tree cutting services to Madison area homes and businesses for years, we have the expertise and resources to handle any job.

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An Arborist cutting a branch from a tree with a chainsaw
Tree trunk exposing tree damage with an orange hue

Why is Tree Removal Important?

Few homeowners take pleasure in removing trees from their property. Trees add variety and shade and are an essential component of any landscape. However, sometimes even the most beautiful trees need to be removed because they become diseased or structurally compromised.

In these cases, it’s best to contact an experienced tree removal company, like Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists. DIY or inexperienced tree removal can be dangerous and cause costly property damage if not done correctly. Using a trusted and experienced tree removal company is the best way to protect your property and keep your home and those around it safe. 

Signs Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

It is important to monitor the health of the trees on your property to ensure they are sound and will not cause property damage or spread disease. 

Below are some reasons you may need to consider tree removal:

    • Dead or dying: A tree that is dead or dying can pose a significant risk to your property. Dead trees may fall without warning, causing property damage or even personal injury. They can also be fire hazards.
    • Leaning: If a tree is leaning it could mean the tree is unstable and at risk of falling and causing damage to surrounding structures.
    • Damage: Trees can become damaged for a variety of reasons including pests, disease, fungus, or storms. If your trees have visible damage, such as hollow cavities or vertical cracks in the trunk, they may be vulnerable to falling or breaking in harsh weather. 
    • No Longer Thriving: If your once beautiful tree is no longer producing the same foliage, flowers, or fruit as it previously did there may be an underlying problem that should be evaluated by an expert. 
    • Encroaching on Structures or Utilities: Even if a tree is healthy, sometimes trees must be removed that begin getting too close to your structures or essential utilities.
    • Obstructing Projects or View: Sometimes, trees are just in the way. Removal may be necessary to start a new project, building, or enhance your view.

Expert Tree Cutting Services by Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists

Tree cutting is dangerous, and the less experienced you are, the more dangerous it is. That’s why you want to make sure you work with experienced tree cutters and certified arborists. Our skilled team has the expertise and tools required to safely and efficiently remove damaged or unwanted trees while ensuring minimal disruption to your life.

Tree Extraction with Minimal Disruption, Maximum Satisfaction

The last thing you want to deal with after a tree removal service is a torn-up yard or ruined lawn. We get it, and that’s why our team of highly experienced professionals will go to great lengths to protect your property throughout the entire tree removal process.

From start to finish, we will take all necessary precautions to keep your yard looking beautiful. In addition to thoroughly cleaning tree debris, we also offer optional stump grinding services. The only evidence we leave behind is an empty space where the tree once stood – a testament to our commitment to providing a stress-free and seamless tree removal experience.

Wood chip mill creating wood chips out of tree branches

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Tree Removal FAQs

No, it is not safe to remove a tree without the proper training and qualifications. Though it may sound simple to cut down a tree and remove it, a small mistake while cutting a tree can jeopardize the structures on your property and seriously harm you and those around you. A certified arborist will know how to quickly and safely remove your tree without personal or property damage. 

Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists offers year-round tree removal services. If you have a high-risk tree in your yard, it’s essential to remove it quickly no matter what time of year it is, especially in Madison, WI where snow and heavy wind are common. If you are removing a tree for aesthetic reasons, it may be easiest to schedule a tree removal service in the spring or summer when the weather is nice.

Yes, our certified arborists offer emergency tree removal services. We understand that sometimes, an unhealthy tree needs to be removed immediately to prevent property damage. We also offer other emergency tree services, such as storm or broken branch cleanup.

Possibly. At Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists we understand the reluctance to cut down a tree. After carefully assessing the condition of your tree, we will discuss different options with you to find the right solution for your situation, including possible treatment and rehabilitation.

Residential and Commercial Tree Removal & Cutting in Madison, Wisconsin

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists is your go-to partner for safe, quality tree removal solutions in Madison, WI. Our ISA-certified arborists prioritize customer satisfaction, using industry-leading techniques and specialized equipment to cut and remove trees with minimal disruption to your property.

If you need reliable and efficient tree removal or cutting services, contact Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists today with confidence!


Arborists cut branches from a tall urban tree near a commercial property

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