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Benefits of Tree Removal in the Winter

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An arborist cutting and trimming a tree during the winter

It’s not uncommon for people to believe that tree maintenance cannot be done during the winter months, or that tree care businesses aren’t operating when it’s cold and snowy outside.

The truth of the matter is that winter is an optimal time for pruning and removing tress. More significant pruning is best left for winter. This is especially true when speaking about fruit trees.

When it is winter, both trees and shrubs become dormant. At this time the leaves fall off and trees are in a period of rest until spring comes with higher temperatures. But why is this the best time for pruning or removal? We’ll explain that below.

Evaluating the Tree Structure is Simpler

In the winter months, after all the leaves have fallen, a tree trimming technician can see the structure of them. It’s also easier to determine what branches are dangerous or dead. This makes it a breeze for someone to determine if your trees need pruning, allowing them to look their best.

Appearance in the Spring

If your trees have been removed or pruned during the winter, they’ll be able to quickly recover in the spring with new growth. Choosing to have this done in late winter is an excellent idea. You’ll have little time stuck looking at a tree that has been pruned before it grows and spreads out in spring.

Less Chance of Diseases Spreading

When we are in the winter months, many of the insects, fungi, parasites, and bacteria that create and spread disease are dead or dormant. That means that problems that can crop up the rest of the year are less likely. Things like oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, fire blight, and cedar hawthorn rust are unlikely to spread.

Winter Damage Prevention

Any trees on your property that are dying, damaged, or dead can be dangerous through the winter season. This is especially the case when there are large amounts of snow or ice. By having them pruned or removed, they will be safer. Weaker trees may also be healthier after the removal or diseased or dead wood.

Make Sure Your Trees Are Ready for Spring

Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists offers all the services you need this winter. We provide tree removal, ice and snow removal, and emergency tree services. If you are located near Madison, WI, you can find out more by calling the office at 608-467-4088.

Benefits of Tree Removal in the Winter in the Greater Madison, WI area

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