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Tree and Plant Healthcare

Serving the Greater Madison, WI area and Dane County

Despite their incredible strength, trees are still susceptible to damage and disease. From storms to pest infestations, there are a number of problems that can cause serious health issues for your landscape. And unfortunately, aesthetics aren’t the only concern when it comes to an unhealthy tree; weak branches could snap under snow or heavy wind, posing a threat to nearby structures or utility lines. Tree and plant health care is essential to keeping your property safe and beautiful.

If your trees are looking under the weather, Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists can find and treat the root cause of the problem. Our team consists of ISA-certified arborists with extensive experience serving homes and commercial properties in Madison, WI, so we can quickly develop a plan that will get your landscape back up to full health. We provide comprehensive plant health care services, including:

Man spraying a large tree for pest and disease control

Pest and Disease Control

Pest infestations, fungus, and disease are the leading causes of tree death in Madison, WI. From prevention and exclusion to ongoing treatment, we’ll ensure your landscape is pest and disease-free.
Tree root bulging through sidewalk causing cracks and damage

Common Tree Root Problems

Trees can’t grow properly without a stable root system. Learn about common tree root problems and possible treatment solutions from our certified arborists here.

A wild garlic mustard plant - Alliaria petiolata

Invasive Plant Management

Invasive plants don’t just wreak havoc on your landscape; they also damage local ecosystems and wildlife populations. Our arborists can identify and remove invasive species in no time.

Worker assessing a tree for risk in a forested area

Tree Risk Assessment

Is your tree looking damaged or unhealthy? Our team will perform a thorough risk assessment to identify what’s wrong and create a customized healthcare plan.

Tree and Plant Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to caring for your trees and plants. After all, it’s much easier to invest a little time and energy into keeping a landscape healthy than it is to rehabilitate after damage. With Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists’s tree and plant maintenance services, you can expect top-notch care that promotes long-term health for the vegetation on your property. From keeping your plants strong with nutrient-dense soil to providing weather-specific care for each season of the year, we’ve got you covered. Our team offers a full range of services, including:

Two trees braced together using tree cabling

Tree Cabling

Sometimes, weak or leaning trees need a little extra support to stay upright. Our cabling services help redistribute the weight of heavy branches and reduce the risk of them breaking or falling.

Professional trimming tree shrubs in a residential area

Shrub Care

Your trees aren’t the only thing we can help maintain! Your shrubs, including ornamental or woody plants, deserve just as much attention and care from our knowledgeable experts.

Tree branch suffering from dry weather and heat

Warm Weather Tree Care

High temperatures and dry soil can take a toll on your entire landscape. We can help your trees and plants thrive through even the hottest and harshest summers.

Man cutting down a tree with a chainsaw in the winter near a home

Winter Tree Care

Winters here in Wisconsin are notorious for freezing temperatures and thick piles of snow. Though plants go dormant this time of year, they still need routine maintenance to remain healthy.

Tree receiving deep root fertilization treatment


Nutrient-rich soil is the best way to support robust tree and plant growth. Our fertilization treatments will ensure your entire landscape has the resources it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Man performing air spading service at roots of tree

Air Spading

Soil compaction can cause major problems for the plants on your property by blocking root growth and nutrient absorption. Air spading can help break up dense soil and promote healthy root systems.

Large forested area of trees with green markers wrapped around their trunks

Woodland Management

It can be challenging to take care of a single tree, let alone dozens. No matter how large your forested area is, our arborists are up for the task of keeping each tree in great condition.

Man measuring the circumference of a tree with a ruler tape

Public Tree Inspections

Trees in public spaces need routine check-ups to ensure they are not posing a safety risk. We offer meticulous inspections to protect public property and wellbeing.

Forester checking fallen tree cross section for disease

Common Tree Pests and Diseases

Here in Madison, WI, there are a few unwanted critters and diseases that regularly plague our plants. Learn how to identify and treat some of the most common culprits.

Products we currently use:

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Local Arborists in Madison, WI

Whatever your tree care needs are, Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists has you covered! We take pride in contributing to our local homes and communities with fast, professional, and dependable tree services. Whether your tree is actively declining or you just want to ensure it has everything it needs to stay healthy, we’re here to help. Our certified arborists create customized treatment plans that address your goals and your landscape’s unique needs. Take charge of your tree and plant health today – give us a call to get started!
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Tree and Plant Healthcare in the Greater Madison, WI area

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