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Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists Reviews

Serving the Greater Madison, WI area and Dane County

Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists has proudly served the South Central Wisconsin area by providing exceptional customer service. Our trained and certified technicians are experienced and available to take care of any tree or lawn maintenance project for residential clients or commercial customers.

Read our reviews below to learn why we’re the trusted Tree Service Company for Madison, WI and Dane County, or leave your own review!

Dan F. Avatar
Dan F.
Great customer service, on time and fair price. Tough for find all of these things in the customer service industry these days. I highly recommend!!!
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Joe V.
Absolutely great job, came sooner than expected took down tree & cleaned up completely on first day, on second day ground out stump & cleaned up chips, on third day filled in black dirt seeded and spread straw. What else can I say. I f you can find any better service let me know. I had looked into service from another vendor as early as Dec 2014 and even though it was winter & their slow season I expected a response and set a date but after two phone calls and 4 "put-me-off" emails I cancelled out because of non- responsiveness as it was getting close to my date deadline. After phoning Accurate they responded next morning and had all the work completed within two weeks. Competitively priced & insured.
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Glenn C.
Had to wait a a few days because others had much more serious damage to their homes. The crew that showed up to do the work was efficient, professional and you wouldn't have known they were there after they left. Then Mike gave me a discount on the bid because I had to wait longer than he originally estimated.
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Sheri V. Avatar
Sheri V.
Every single employee that I have talked to, met, and worked with LOVE THEIR JOBS! Which tells me that YOUR employees are important to YOU! The team I had at my house love what they do. They were all energetic, ready to work, on top of everything, alert, and overall respectful. It's nice to see employees that love working for the company. It says a lot about the company. Accurate is for real. And that is hard to come by these days!
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leach l. Avatar
leach l.
We've had Accurate Tree Service, come out and pull down two trees now. Both times we've been really happy with the work.
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Emi N. Avatar
Emi N.
Great service, fair pricing, took care of everything. Will use their services again should we need more trees trimmed or removed
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Greg L. Avatar
Greg L.
Allen, Kyle and the rest of the team did a great job. They took time to answer my questions, explain branches to prune and not prune, and left the yard so clean. But the I am most impressed with their actual pruning. At the end of the day I informed the folks I could not really tell pruning had been done even though I enjoyed observing them the whole time. Their pruning skills are truely at an artful level. I am enjoying discussing the end results with my neighbors. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
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Michael R. Avatar
Michael R.
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Barb S. Avatar
Barb S.
What a professional, safe, and friendly team--thanks, Accurate Tree Service. We'll be seeing you again.
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mark j. Avatar
mark j.
Competitive pricing with outstanding service and professional and friendly staff. You discover that some organizations are just a cut above the rest, and I found that Accurate is that type of organization. They did an outstanding job on my four large trees and I recommend them highly!
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Paul T.
.The company was fine they just cut down the trees. It was the first time we owned the house. They were professional I have no complaints.
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Sukhdeep G. Avatar
Sukhdeep G.
awesome people wont dont work unless its needed
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Robert M.
The process with Accurate Trees went smoothly from start to finish. They reached out quickly following my initial inquiry and came out to do an assessment and provide a free estimate in just a few days. Their estimate was very detailed and broke down the different options and levels of service. The only negative comment is that the cost for the post-stump removal work (clean up and removal of stump chips/old pine needles and dirt/seed work) seemed very expensive; we decided not to have them complete this work due to the cost. Otherwise the work was completed quickly and didn't require us to be at home, and the bill came in the mail shortly after the work was done.
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mrako f. Avatar
mrako f.
The Accurate crew took out a problem spruce tree in about 1.5 hours - very reasonable rates! Mop up for the stump came a week later - tidy. I would hire them again no questions.
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Jacquelyn S. Avatar
Jacquelyn S.
I really appreciate Accurate Tree Service as they are PROMPT! PROFESSIONAL! & POSITIVE! They do great work! Bottom Line 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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S. S. Avatar
S. S.
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Thomas B. Avatar
Thomas B.
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Angie B. Avatar
Angie B.
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Roger S.
This is the second time I have used Accurate Tree Service to remove unwanted tree limbs and trees. Both times I have been very happy with the experience. The crews were very friendly and still professional and when the job was completed all remnants were cleaned up. Would I use Accurate Lawn Care again? YES.
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Courtney M. Avatar
Courtney M.
The office staff was super helpful, informative and educated on the whole process; what was to be expected and needed for short term and for long term care. Everything was done smoothly, professionally and quickly. The Price was very reasonable. Definitely will be contacting when needed again!! Thank you guys everything looks so much better because of you.
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TheCringeCenter 9. Avatar
TheCringeCenter 9.
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Sarah M.
they have come to my home several times to trim my trees. they are quick and accurate. they do what i ask while keeping the health of the tree in mind. i also have several gardens in my yard. they are so respectful of my delicate flowers. you would never know they were there if the trees didn't look so good. i love these guys and would highly recommend them.
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The crew just finished. They did a great job. The details were addressed and the cleanup is spotless. Good job guys! I highly recommend their services.
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Lauren S. Avatar
Lauren S.
Super great at communicating! They were timely and cleaned up great!
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susan D. Avatar
susan D.
I had a large tree in my backyard removed after last week's storm. Mike, Paco and Hunter did an excellent job removing the tree and cleaning up the debris in my yard. I certainly recommend this company.
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Sandy S.
Let me say first that I had a very challenging tree to remove. It was located in a fenced back yard, with no access for a bucket. Everything had to be climb, cut, and drag. Power lines to my and my neighbor's house had to dropped. Time estimate given for lack of power was 5 hours, but turned out to be closer to 10 hours. I have no complaints about the actual cutting of the tree, or the work ethic of the employees. Everything had to be dragged out through my fence gates, which damaged my grass and scraped up my siding a bit, but there was really no way around that. They cleaned up nicely. A few days after the tree was down, a team showed up with a stump grinder which was way too big to get through my gates. They had to come back later with a smaller piece of equipment. I have a couple of concerns, and one potential concern. One, the time estimate for the power lines being down was only half the time they were actually down. I did not mind for myself, but my neighbor wasn't happy. The time estimate was given to me by the very nice woman who answers the phone, but it is clear to me now that she didn't know how long it would take to cut down the tree. (Very big tree!) This job was done in late November, and the ground had not yet frozen. As a result I have huge divots in my lawn, some a couple of feet long and some as deep as my ankle. I will have significant work to do in the spring to repair these holes. My potential issue will not be able to be assessed until spring, because the ground froze by the time the stump grinding was done. The prior owners of the house had surrounded the tree with railroad ties to create a raised bed...probably about six inches high. I don't know yet whether the stump is actually ground down to a level as if there were no raised bed, or not. If not, if I want to get rid of that raised bed the stump will be exposed. All in all, this was a good job. They did make the job a priority because the tree was dropping branches, and other companies did not seem to care about that. I think there are some communication issues between the woman on the phone and the owner (size of job); sending the wrong size stump grinder, etc. Spring will tell if the stump is ground down deep enough.
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Andrea P. Avatar
Andrea P.
I am amazed by the outstanding service of this company. I removed a boxelder that was lining toward my roof. They were the first to give a quote, but I missed the email. Their quote was considerably cheaper than others.. They arrived earlier than expected, and I was concerned about some newly planted perennials.. They refrained from stepping on anything I had just planted, and I didn't say or ask anything!! Few people would have been so caring. The guy who cut the tree was powerful and not sure how he held those heavy stumps! They cleaned up everything. I already referred them to friends and co-worker. I definitely keep this company on the book! Professional, precise and good value!
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dave P.
That was fine. There was a lot of additional charge on top of the Big Deal. They were quick and they were pleasant. They did good cleaning up.
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Thomas S. Avatar
Thomas S.
Accurate was amazing to work with from my first call through the final details of the work. I have used them twice now to remove a tree, grind and remove the stump, and plant new grass seed. I would highly and confidently recommend Accurate for these services.
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Lisbeth S. Avatar
Lisbeth S.
Accurate recently removed a very large and very dead Ash tree from my yard. I was a little apprehensive because another company had removed a tree two years ago and made such a mess of my lawn I had to hire a. landscaper to recover my grass. I am more than pleased to report that Accurate did a great job on the tree and left NO evidence of their visit on my lawn. I recommend them.
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Accurate Tree Services + H&H Arborists Reviews in the Greater Madison, WI area

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