Employment Opportunity

Wanted: A professional tree climber and/or certified arborist tree climber: To remove trees and trim trees. Some of the jobs for this tree climber will be climbing work, using a 60’, 62’ or 60’/75’ elevator bucket truck or operating a 62′ spider lift with tracks. Any trimming of trees has to be done without spikes. This person will run a two to five man crew. This is an expanding tree service company that will be running three crews this year around Madison, WI.

Equipment: We have a 60’ bucket truck with chipper box, a 65’ rear mount bucket truck, a 60’-75’ elevator bucket truck, 62′ spider lift with tracks, big chipper truck, four large chippers, several dump trucks, several stump grinders, a few compact tractors, large skid steer and several more trucks and equipment.


  • This climber must be able to show up to work on time.
  • Must like climbing trees and running a bucket truck for a living and can do it safely with proper climbing and bucket truck techniques.
  • Must know proper trimming and rigging techniques.
  • The climber must really have his own climbing gear (climbing saddle, hard hat, spikes and climbing ropes) and bring it with him to work, all other gear will be provided.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must know how to drive stick shift.
  • Should be able to run a crew efficiently
  • Bucket truck experience preferred but not required.
  • This person must not do drugs.
  • Possibly work long hours.

Competitive Wages! Contact us Today!!

Please call Mike at 608-347-8510.

Madison, WI

Please send resume to accuratetreenow@gmail.com and also call 608-347-8510